Below you will find a list of current titles in reverse chronological order.

All are available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Underwood Cover FINAL KINDLE

Something calls beneath the trees…

The voices were always there: whispers waiting in the ruins of Underwood for one to heed their cry. When children disturb that which should never be touched, restless anger comes home to roost.

For struggling Bristol artist, Amanda Fairchild, it begins with the tragic loss of her brother and his wife. Now guardian to a niece she hardly knows, Amanda inherits a renovation project in the Devon valley of her youth.
Reluctant to uproot ‘Belle,’ she takes on the curious home near a transplanted settlement where ancient betrayal will be repaid in blood.
As spectres of past sins arise in modern underhanded schemes, Amanda learns the true historical events that gave birth to their village.

If unseen forces are exacting retribution over forgotten deeds, where will terror strike next?

Why does relentless horror haunt Amanda’s nine-year-old charge?

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White Hill Cover FINAL KINDLE

Never go alone…

Those three words haunted a winding country lane like fireflies encircling a lamp. Many had heard of the road ghost. Fewer knew about the woodland disturbances.

Angry and unable to move beyond the tragic death of his young son, Nick Preston separates from his exhausted wife. Relocating to rural Kent, he rents a cottage in the ancient village of Chilham.
Nick’s attempts to break an obsession with his dead boy backfire. He sees and hears the child in more than his dreams.

When others encounter departed loved ones, Nick’s curiosity and a need for resolution cause him to investigate.
With mounting terror focused along a sinister, local section of The Pilgrims’ Way, he forms unlikely alliances for support.

Faith, courage and resolve beyond compare are required for the misfit companions to thwart a dark, spiritual power at White Hill.

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Dead Eyes Cover FINAL KINDLE

Some sights shouldn’t be shared.

What if you could view the final, terrifying moments through a murder victim’s eyes?

What if those visions left you helpless to alter their outcome, but you shared every nuance of the experience?

When Gillian Crane’s imminent happiness is turned upside down through a heartbreaking betrayal, her downward emotional spiral almost has terminal consequences.
Journeying home to her parents’ Buckinghamshire country pile, she wants nothing more than to work through her turmoil and return to independent living.

As efforts to rebuild her life unfold, a supernatural connection with the sinister actions of a demented psychopath dominates Gillian’s recovery.

Once the stakes are raised closer to home, she can no longer sit by and do nothing.

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Penanggal Cover FINAL KINDLE

No child will rest in peace.

When Matthew Dempster returns to England on furlough with his Malaysian bride, rest and relaxation elude them.
Troubling incidents and whispered rumours of a supernatural evil in Kampung Damai seem to have followed.

Women miscarry and waste away. Adults are fatally savaged and children devoured. Stories circulate of an escaped big cat or exotic pet, attacking from tunnels beneath the ancient streets of Nottingham.
The truth steals courage from the stoutest heart and threatens the sanity of any who face it.

A kaleidoscope of individuals, each with a fragment of the puzzle, cross paths during their personal search for answers.

Will anyone uncover the beast?

How do you defeat a creature whose existence defies all natural laws?

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Pilgrim Cover FINAL KINDLE

Something sinister lurks beneath respectable society.

When nine-year-old Victoria Hanson escaped a murderous cult, she hoped the nightmare was over.
Adopted by a childless couple and given a new identity, Vicky buried the loss of her parents and brother.

Now a social worker, alarm bells ring surrounding pleas for advice over a wayward eighteen-year-old. Meanwhile, a mysterious robed figure desecrates ancient sacred sites.

Partnering a former homeless man turned private investigator, Vicky searches for answers. Powerful, prosperous and connected, the reinvigorated cult’s influence sees the pair turn fugitive from the law. A desperate race ensues. Can Vicky and her unlikely companion unmask this secret society and clear their own names, before the final atrocity unfolds?

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What happens when a writer’s voice becomes too intrusive?

After Michael Brooks loses his wife at Christmas, grief strikes in unsettling ways.
Fearing for his sanity, he consults a counsellor who advises a change of scene to journal his recovery.

Many miles to the north in border country, The Old Mill at Shillmoor Barton nestles in a narrow valley amidst the windswept Northumberland landscape.
Deceptively peaceful – a dark and violent history, restless spirits and the sadistic presence of a deceased sexual predator all latch onto Michael’s out of control energy.

As horrific, paranormal encounters impact lives around him, Michael discovers a disturbing supernatural power behind the emotive written word.

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Sometimes vengeance goes beyond the grave.

In an isolated spot on the South Lincolnshire Fens, a new community blossoms. Tired of the modern world, this loose collection of off-grid down-shifters yearn for lives of simple self-sufficiency.

Most people steer clear of the initiative at Deeping Drove. A similar project nearly two decades before, came to a tragic end.

Local ghost stories abound of how former occupants fled their secluded haven on Halloween, never to return.

Now, conflicting spiritual powers once unleashed by a seventh century saint and a malevolent pagan holy man, will vie for dominance. Boundaries between life, death, body and spirit are about to be rent asunder.

Will anyone walk away to tell the tale?

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The Shackled Cover FINAL KINDLE

What happens if you die, but you can’t let go?

Samantha Riley let go, but found herself sent back.
Now she is estranged from her religious family. Cast out for wayward behaviour. Cut off for holding to a near-death experience that questions the certainty of their faith.

Saddled with a new, unwanted gift to guide earthbound spirits to the light, Samantha lives a hand-to-mouth existence as she walks out a mandate she can’t escape.

Meanwhile, a stranded, bereaved and departed husband will do anything to bring his wife back to the half-light.

All that would be challenge enough to resolve on its own. But something dark in the world between has noticed Samantha’s activities and isn’t happy…

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Maypole Cover FINAL KINDLE

You can run from the past, but sometimes it catches up.

Lisa Marston thought domestic violence and a psychotic boss were bad enough.
When physical danger, harassment and professional abuse cause her to flee south, the promised haven of peace and tranquillity proves anything but.

A quiet Kent village is thrown into chaos. Gruesome murders, missing children and unsettling whispers of an ancient evil all seem to revolve around the Maypole.

Is there any truth to rumours something like this happened once before?

Why does the retired schoolteacher appear to know more than she’s telling?

What have Norse mythology and folklore to do with the present, unsettling reality?

They’re just stories, after all…

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Caveat Emptor Cover FINAL KINDLE 

Do you believe a house can have a soul?

If you had asked that question to David Holmes back in 1985, it might have given him pause. The next three decades of his career as a Dorset estate agent, provided a very definite answer.

Meoria Grange is an impressive manor, built around the time of the English Civil War. It stands sentinel atop the Wessex Ridgeway, occupying a site of historical importance dating back into the mists of British antiquity.

When a family move in to renovate after a tragic fire, horrific outcomes draw David ever closer to their disturbing source.

Similar repetitions unfold each time he instigates another sale, until a very personal impact causes him to seek out some answers once and for all.

How can pure love and abject horror exist together with such inexplicable harmony?

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Nevermere Cover FINAL KINDLE

There’s something in the water…

In 1644, a small Cotswold village suffers a spate of witch trials. The convicted are weighted down and thrown into a local pond to drown.

In present day London, Douglas Ashbourne is made redundant from his job as a Project Manager.
With growing violence in the city a worry, Doug, his wife and three children move to Gloucestershire to start a new life.
Their dream of running cottage industries making mead and beeswax products is soon interrupted by a series of dangerous and inexplicable occurrences.

Why is the village of Coln Abbots so obsessed with witchcraft?

Is there any truth to local rumours that occult powers are still at work in this sleepy corner of the Cotswolds?

What is the dark and ancient secret that plagues the woodland pond above their cottage, known as Nevermere?

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Maria's Walk Cover FINAL KINDLE

Jack Foreman, a young ex-minister returns home following the sudden death of his parents, grappling with questions and uncertainty. He catches up with Gaby Wagstaff, the kid sister of his childhood best friend. A woman fleeing an executive career in the city, after her inconvenient, long-suppressed psychic abilities begin to intensify.

In the woods behind their provincial little English town, a legendary apparition lurks. Every Ardenham child grows up with tales of ‘Maria’s Walk,’ the route which the terrifying spectre of a murdered teenage girl from long ago is said to traverse.

When Gaby is plagued by a series of visions from Regency Ardenham and heart-stopping, violent manifestations in the present, her growing bond with Jack leads them to try and finally unearth any truth behind the folklore.

The reality of their connection to the haunting, proves more than either could have imagined.

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