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There are two options available for those who wish to keep in touch.

The first is to follow this site by inserting your e-mail address in the panel at the side. WordPress will then send you a notification about any new blog posts published. It’s a good way to read my articles and get a heads-up on new releases, without checking in here on a regular basis.

The second is to join my mailing list of ‘VIP Readers.’ When you first access this site, a pop-up will appear offering you the chance to join. However, as some folk dismiss this window before realising the difference, I’m including a sign-up form below.

‘VIP Readers’ receive a separate e-mail via Mailchimp with special information not included on the main site. These are sent out about once a quarter (I don’t like to receive a lot of e-mail marketing, and so refuse to bombard my valued readers). The mails are short, sweet and usually include discount/freebie dates for your diary. i.e. when you can get copies of my work on Amazon at special rates. Also, you will receive the occasional chance to enter a competition to win a signed paperback, and things of that nature.

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