A Wash & Brush Up

To mark the two-year anniversary of this journey into writing horror/paranormal/supernatural suspense fiction, I decided to give my backlist a much-needed do-over. Hurried, experimental design choices I made while establishing the ‘De’Ath Brand’ were no longer working. Plus, some of the covers just plain sucked!

While I’m delighted to have attracted many readers who buy book after book (you people rock), it was time to dispense with the old, heavy medieval script author name which limited my options. Also, I’d wanted to revise and fix errors in ‘Nevermere’ (still a popular book), so I knuckled down to caring for the portfolio.

The result is a tightened and tidied up text for ‘Nevermere,’ plus revised covers with updated graphics and typography for every title on the backlist. ‘Nevermere,’ ‘Caveat Emptor,’ and ‘The Shackled’ got a total cover redesign from the ground up.

At the time of writing, Amazon are in the process of updating their product images to reflect those changes. If you can’t wait, check the images below or click the ‘Titles’ page of this website. Goodreads already includes alternate cover versions of all books. BookBub will update to follow Amazon. Both Kindle and Paperback versions received cover updates for every title.

Now it’s back to finishing the outline for the ninth novel which I’m due to begin writing next week.

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